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“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” - Katharine Hepburn

Kimberley is proud of the small northern community she grew up in - where the polar bears, moose, wolves, caribou and elk lived, too. Born in one of the most isolated and coldest provinces in Canada, she knows what it means to “fight and survive.” She sees the struggle as good, and strongly believes it is important in life and developing independence.

In a book - not yet published, she writes:

…her strength can be seen in the most blinding of snowstorms, in the small, steady footprints she leaves behind. But the greater discovery is with every season - for hidden in her tracks is the mystery of the snow that never melts around them, as though winter was touched by her growing strength - and waits as a sign of her determination to save it.

An Unfolding Adventure...

n unfolding adventure, it is about every one of us a living mystery. It answers why we should be looking back in the tracks we leave behind - and where to find our strength.

It is the first book in I Want To Give - An Unfolding Adventure series helping children around the world discover their own strength, written for families and children, grandparents and youth.


I Want To Give - In Loving Memory & A Single Verse is a personal short story and memoir and where I Want To Give An Unfolding Adventure series began...

The writer brings the mysterious, enlightening and wondrous works of God upon her as a small child and the dedicated ‘life and work’ of her Grandfather - to share their grace and love through her passion for stories and writing that will inspire ‘for years to come’.

Global Thinker Moving Spirit

In 1986, Kimberley moved to Ontario and currently lives in Toronto. She moves a lot. But she has never forgotten winter back home, and sadly, misses having to fight to survive it.

Now she writes for environmental awareness to save our planet [to which An Unfolding Adventure story above is dedicated] in connection with I Want To Give - helping children around the world discover their own strength - for they are the spirit of the earth who can save it.

A Dream, Visions & Strong Premonitions

She has only one dream. To visit Africa from the eyes of a child who lives there - and to write about it:

These Eyes Can See… with strong premonitions of writing a bestselling novel and screenplay that compels the world to make a difference - for the world should be for every child to see - a safe place, and to open the world’s largest…

Library & Museum ‘for years to come’
for every book is a life to look back on and discover your own.

A library museum filled with books and historical artifacts she visions the world location to be in Africa.

Personality: ENTP, Inquiring Green & First-born

Researching personalities to create characters for books is a practical, yet insightful, method of research as she considers whether her “type” is rather an ENT(J). Find out more about Myers & Briggs, Personality Dimensions and Birth Order. It’s more fun than you think!

Her interests include technology, research, writing, screenwriting, public speaking, events and promotions and environmental awareness. She enjoys hiking, boxing, acoustic guitar, photography, web design and drawing.

She is currently writing her first novel: Deals only happen where the truth is hidden. Change only happens when the truth comes out.

‘Life and Work’

She is a screaming writer in love with writing and aspiring author in love with the world.

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