Tuesday, April 10, 2007


All Links will be listed here in this post rather than as a Links widget in the sidebar.

For your convenience, a Links label will be listed in the Labels widget sidebar instead to get to this post quickly. The sidebar is accessible on any page you visit - just look for the Labels widget in the right-hand column of this site, near the bottom titled "Words show..." where all the labels/tags/categories are listed.

As more links are added to this post and the list grows, categories will be made and sectioned in a colourful table.


Janice Harayda - Novelist, Journalist, Editor, Speaker

One-Minute Book Reviews - One-Minute Book Reviews is an independent blog created by Janice Harayda, an award-winning journalist and critic. It consists exclusively of brief reviews of new and classic fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for adults and children. One-Minute Book Reviews does not cover literary or publishing news, trends, or gossip. Janice Harayda writes all the one-minute book reviews. She is an award-winning journalist and author of the comedies of manners The Accidental Bride (St. Martin’s, 1999) and Manhattan on the Rocks (Sourcebooks, 2004). She has been the book columnist for Glamour, book editor and critic for The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, and vice-president for awards of the National Book Critics Circle.

Planet Peschel by Bill Peschel - Mystery writer, Editor and Book Reviewer. He's been a newspaper copy editor, a bread truck driver, a shipping clerk, a magazine editor, a computer developer and a role-playing game designer. He won second prize in the Mark Twain Writing Competition for the continuation of Mark Twain's "A Murder, A Mystery and a Marriage." He lives with his family in Hershey, PA. You MUST READ his short story comic "Groundhog Day"... "about a man, a woman and a dead groundhog." It will make you laugh if you haven't yet today! I love it! I'm hoping he creates a continuation for Carmelita! Read it, you'll see what I'm referring to!

Guy Gets Married by GuyGM - A 35-year old Guy's Dating Quest To Get Married

Phydeaux3 - Packed with powerful tools and resources, including code and highly organized simple-to-follow instructions for creating your blog. The site that provided me the Code for New Blogger Tag Cloud/Label Cloud for my site! It was simple AND FAST! I felt the breeze through my hair :) WOW! Here's the direct link to the Label Cloud instructions but be sure to read "Code for New Blogger Tag Cloud/Label Cloud" first (the above link). Other resources listed on his site that helped me in picking my Label Cloud colors: RGB Color Codes (also shows the Hexadecimal color codes) where I chose Dark Khaki and MistyRose4

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