Saturday, April 14, 2007

Morning Wakes

Morning Wakes

wakened by a whisper
enveloping her nape
near to the center
by a touch, escapes

entwined with a sigh
exposing her soul
deep to the bottom
for a smile, unfolds

captured in a breath
forcing her back
far to the edge
to a stare, awakes

  • About the eyes and mornings.


guygm said...

Wow... that poem reminds me of mornings with Dr. Sexy. I've never been into poetry really but it is wierd how such a small collection of words evokes so much detailed memory in my life.

I guess that is why people are into poetry. Or one reason maybe...

My Stereo Magnet Girl said...

I've never been a poetry reader myself unless I come across something that's thought provoking or inspiring. As far as writing it, it's more for practice to apply the appropriate words and play w/ diverse writing styles. I'm more interested in songwriting than poetry and write that privately right now.

I think poetry is for less outgoing people, I would think anyway. I haven't met a poet who exudes energy/personality or a daredevil sort, which are the men I'm attracted to. I have a thing for 'eyes' and was inspired to write this poem. As it turned out, the guy was an introvert, not my type at all. I was in love w/ his eyes for two dates when I noticed his personality "type" after. Can you say "ugh." That's a date I'd take back in an instant and never have gone on.

guygm said...

Wow! You wrote that? I thought you took it from a book. I really liked it.

What I have found about poetry in my life was this.

1) Phase I of my life. My life in my youth up until 23 was pretty much perfect. No sadness practically. Just a wierd blessed upward trajectory in life. Had no interest in poetry or art.
2) Everything went to heck and I got my heart broken. Suddenly I am watching musicals, staring at art and poetry speaks to me.

I think life experience made me appreciate these things.

Which makes me wonder about really young people who appreciate dark poetry. They musta had their hearts broken WAY EARLY ON.

PS. About El Tigre... for some reason I started writing in the third person as a fake dog... I don't know why... it was just funny. I hang out at Tangled Up in L'Heure Bleu's website... She writes as if she were a cat so I started doing it to tease her...

guygm said...

You know... if I wasn't an ethical guy... Dr. Sexy is coming over tonight to spend the weekend... I'd steal this poem and tell her I wrote it for her...