Sunday, April 8, 2007

Better Single Than Sorry

"Jen Schefft won 2003's The Bachelor and starred in 2004's The Bachelorette. She walked away from one engagement and turned down two proposals and has never looked back. She now works in public relations and lives in Chicago."
Here's what I love and relate to about single woman and author Jen Schefft and her new book Better Single Than Sorry: A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling...

Soon I will be reading the pages to see how happy Jen Schefft really is. Why? I am a woman content and happy in being single and in who I am.

However, within the text of Harper Collin's book description it starts like this:
"Let's be honest. No woman really wants to be alone for the rest of her life."
Already I've noticed that doesn't stack up with her claim of being content and happy in who she is and life and my "reason" for buying the book...

  • How can a woman say she's happy and content if she can also say she doesn't want to be alone the rest of her life?
  • Quite simply: She can't. Period.
So far I am the only girl from my childhood and woman I know that doesn't desire the "fairy tale" story, no dreams to get married, none of that. I know people have a difficult time understanding it, but those who know me know I'm happy and confident with that and always have been.

I've never believed in marriage. Even when I was a little girl. I have bigger things I want to accomplish in my life. It's that simple. For me. How can marriage possibly be real or genuine if it's not an eternal commitment? I'm real. Marriage isn't. Why waste my time? And that's how I honestly see it.

However, I have no doubt Jen Schefft is being true to herself when she says she's not willing to settle--obviously--she walked away from one engagement and turned down two proposals. Congratulations Jen! I sincerely mean that.

Photo: Rockit Ranch Productions, Megan Teela

  • So can we say Jen Schefft's book is fact or fiction?
That's what I'm going to find out and as I mentioned my reason for purchasing this book. I'll be back here to write a book review (and report) on Better Single Than Sorry...

  • What are your thoughts? Have you read it?


DanielleUSA said...

Sounds like you would love a Singelringen. This Swedish ring for singles worldwide stands for exactly the attitude you have in life. Please take at look at

I think you would agree that it's natural to want friends and lovers in our lives. The optimal situation is to have the confidence to be alone but be open to possibilities.

My favorite aspect of Jen's book is reflected in the subtitle: "A no-regrets guide to loving yourself and never settling".

My Stereo Magnet Girl said...

Hi Danielle,

I never heard of the whole "ring thing" until I checked it out today...

I was at your site, Mac sure is cool (I really want a Mac but am going to wear out my PC first, which doesn't seem to want to die anytime soon, damn) and the "stuff" website was interesting too, set up as a rating site... would be a good place to browse to see what everybody is reading too I'm sure.

Stephen King's son Joe Hill has his first novel out, Heart-Shaped Box, don't know if you'd be interested but you may want to check it out (I'm about to post it here shortly). I myself have never read a Stephen King novel and the only movie that wasn't cheezy or a b-type movie was The Shining, though it was quite dark and depressing, of which I find all his "ideas." Hopefully his son has a more enjoyable and enlightening twist in his storytelling style (though millions have enjoyed Stephen King's novels, I'll have to take the time to read one sometime).

Nope, can't say I agree I want lovers in my life, lol, and I can't even say I'm open to possibilities, but that's just b/c I'm flat out not interested, it's very much a waste of time and I'm only going to live once. I just haven't the desire. I'm involved in a lot of "constructive" projects, certainly I enjoy my time w/ those and friends and family.

Love my time alone and totally relate to never settling... I've left every single one of my boyfriends, every one. No I'm not picky... just very much a realist. It takes a man w/ a mind to turn me on, a smart mind.

Enjoy your week. I'll be visiting w/ you soon! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

aka. A Screaming Writer

danielle123 said...

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