Saturday, April 14, 2007

By the Side of a Road

By the Side of a Road

Veiled in dust by the side of a road
wanders and gathers, heedfully so
a hush, and an essence linger there
quiver petals of passion, parted everywhere.

A sudden shimmer in light alone
acreage and lanes, and rock unknown
a time, then a moment slowly slip ahead
descent flutters of a kind, but weeps instead.

What odd footings this day cross?
Divine and waits, unearthed by loss
a stark, and an inkling once to adorn
entwine at the edge, a reminiscence torn.

A power known without a face
near and far, which hold will embrace?
a call, then a sorrow broke a fall in flames
breaks ground with truth, brushes wet with blame.

To where will go a path as such?
Wonders and wakens, surrenders to touch
as once, and before a searching place
finds hope with love, leaves fate with grace.

A clear sky envelops with a beauty so deep
devotion and patience find a love will creep
a rhythm, and a soul on guard unfold
in ones own grasp by the side of a road.

  • Veiled in dust by the side of a road... favorite line I've ever written. An image that mysteriously haunts every time I read it, as though I'm to bring her to life in a forbidden novel.

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