Sunday, April 15, 2007

100 Mile Diet

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Local Eating for Global Change
A Year of Local Eating experiment born on the first day of spring in 2005. Eating only food grown and produced within a 100-Mile radius.

What has me interested in this book? What caught my attention? What places importance?

I'm half-vegetarian (re: I don't eat beef, does that count?). The bike's cute :) I really like the tree at the end of the road!

However, it's none of that, it's something else...

It wasn't the word diet. No way! What's that?! It wasn't 100-Mile. Are you kidding?! You'd never last on a diet. It wasn't a year. 'Cause Time is short enough. It was local eating.

YES! Local Eating! An idea that's environmentally responsible and promotes sustainability...

"The average American meal (and we assumed the average Canadian meal is similar), according to World Watch, reports that the ingredients typically travel between 2,500 and 4,000 kilometers, a 25 percent increase from 1980, and has attracted responses from as far away as Norway, France and Australia.

This average meal uses up to 17 times more petroleum products and increases carbon dioxides emissions by the same amount compared to an entirely local meal."

BC couple 'eats locally, thinks globally' News

100 Mile Diet Book
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guygm said...

Hi My StereoMagnet Girl:

Cool blog! Cool music... The more I read about you the more interesting you seem...

So I am confused... Is the guy in your blog profile your boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you even tell random people info like this?


guygm said...

What is this music btw?

My Stereo Magnet Girl said...

Hi guygm,

The music is gorgeous, isn't it. The info is located in the songspot widget in the right-hand column near the bottom, it's titled Mato (Bear) and it's by Arvel Bird (they have a website, Also, by clicking directly on the widget it will open up a new browser window and take you to Sonific Songspot and provide you w/ the album info, plus you can sign up w/ Sonific and select your own music from their selection of songs database and add the code to your website. They have all genres of music, rock, Native, classical, pop, indie, etc.

No, lol, K Man is not my boyfriend (that's funny b/c he's in Australia and I'm in Canada as you know). We met online years ago and have been communicating ever since. He's quite talented, from playing the piano, painting, writing, tennis and singing.

guygm said...

But can he catch a frisbee like I can and wag his tail?


You need a cyber dog like me...

El Tigre...

(Guy GM's Dog)