Monday, April 9, 2007

My Father's Hands

Photo credit: Internet search/Artist unknown

My Father's Hands

My Father, thou art here,
with my spirit of heaven.
In all my days I needed you,
you failed me not.

It is often not enough said,
of the impression you leave,
I, in my heart,
do solemnly believe.

I have grasped for the wind,
and tried to hold it palms tight,
but only a God, like you,
could part those waters with your Might.

There was a time,
I was deeply afraid,
in my own troubled waters,
I could not have made.

Openly you would listen,
Graciously you would give,
only a Son, like you,
could walk on those waters and Live.

Now on my way,
palms open wide,
I am feeling the wind,
cleanse through my eyes.

In all my days coming,
and since my birth,
only a Man, like you,
can save thy heaven on Earth.

  • Do you see the question? Started with one message, resulted in two, three actually.
  • Thought this poem also fitting with my concerns of global warming. Even now it still stops me and makes me think about this planet we abuse and the environment.

Note: Artist embedded moving water and sound, I can still hear the waves and birds overhead. I hope to find the artist one day as I couldn't recall the site where I found the photo. The text you see on the photo is what I included as part of a Powerpoint presentation for a writing class.

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Anonymous said...

yeah i agree about the global warming makes me feel that the world is a very old..