Monday, April 9, 2007



Old flame so cold and dieing,
fighting not to smother.

Searching for the breath
that won't ignore its sacred burn.

So weakening not,
this trying bed of scattered blankets.

And suddenly,
a familiar source.

Brings life to bony fingers,
so strange.

  • Haiku. Needs editing. My past writing collection. Add your comments if you'd like to note what you think it's about.
  • Do you Haiku?


Janice Harayda said...

What a lovely comment on my site! Thanks a million for it and the links. Funny, I had just seen "Do you haiku?" on your blog and was going to leave a comment on it to ask if you or your visitors think haiku is making a comeback.

I just found a book I'm hoping to review called "Did I Wake You? Haikus for Modern Living" that has haikus about things like yoga, parking tickets and Charlie Rose. The book caught me off guard because although it came out in 2006, I hadn't heard a word about it. Have I missed a haiku boomlet or is this a curiosity? (I haven't read much of the book, so I can't comment on the quality yet, but if you're interested, it's from Soft Skull press,


My Stereo Magnet Girl said...

Hi Jan,

I've been hearing the same thing... is Haiku making a comeback? ???! I have no idea but I'm seeing it everywhere too... don't know that it ever went anywhere, just seems to be a focus right now, perhaps coming from a writer's forum somewhere and getting around.

Books are always worth checking out so thanks for the heads up, I love to know what's out there and we don't know unless we ask, network or research, of which I love doing all. I'll tell you this though... it only takes a moment to figure out if you're going to enjoy the poetry style or not. My question I ask (myself) whenever I'm about to read poetry is What has this mind inquiring? Because poetry is a personal nature. A couple of pieces of poetry will tell me whether I want to read more and if there's going to be anything I can learn in very few words more.

And thanks for stopping by today... hope you enjoy the site ahead and looking forward to sharing information.

P.s. Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) has a novel out called Heart-Shaped Box... you can read more about that here:

And here's his website:

I've never read a Stephen King novel, can you believe that! I never liked his films either b/c they were always so "cheezy" and b-rated style. The Shining was good but most likely b/c it was Jack Nicholson. I'm hoping that Joe Hill's ideas and storytelling style (or writing for that matter if Stephen's writing is anything like his movies turned out) has more delightful twists and turns and not so dark as his father's.

I'll discuss more later, better run.

Beth Lapides said...

Hi! It's me Beth Lapides, author of "Did I Wake You?". Of course I have a google alert out on the book, which, though it was released in late 2006, is still rolling out. Small press etc. I would love to get you a review copy. You can email me at, or message me at and I'll have the nice people at Soft Skull get you a copy.