Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Discovery of an Artist

A God. A Goddess. Religion. Nature. Science. Laws. Man.

I caught the end of a documentary on the life of Leonardo da Vinci

The television was flashing in the corner in the dim of my livingroom while I was walking by…

I heard “secret society.”

Da Vinci self-portrait

A couple of months later, I walked by a bookstore and locked eyes with the Mona Lisa staring from the front display case. Though I couldn’t see her smile, just the look in her eyes seemed to hear her whisper to me...

“The Da Vinci Code” she said.
I immediately purchased the book as a gift. I knew the person. I knew right away it was perfect.

However, something wasn’t so perfect for me. Something didn’t feel right. I was now empty handed with nothing more to learn...

I couldn’t let her go. For whatever reason I couldn’t. I continued to think of her mystery.

A year later, I went back to the same bookstore. It was obvious now I would never let her go. The eyes are the windows to the soul they say - and she had plenty.

There she was once again, and though just the cover of a book, her eyes for sure looked at me this time as though in a moment of worship.

Was there something I should have said?

And so now, I too, must share her story - that is what she said.

“In the beginning…” a familiar verse.

It speaks of when the world started. Like the rest of the world - this is what I know. This is where it began.

A zippered black-covered Bible sits open before me - was handed down. My Grandmother. My mother. Now me.

Seems as though this is what I was born to know. A right come with me.

While I knew little about Leonardo da Vinci when I started reading The Da Vinci Code, I learned there was much to discover about the symbols in his art, and while I know nothing about art at all, by the end of the book I came to the conclusion that whatever it was that was going on with Leonardo da Vinci…

The Last Supper

It was most certainly symbolic of a Time. I don’t see his art as fleeting moments of himself but rather as solid events in history.

But is it a right or wrongs come by him?

And that’s where his brilliance is so baffling to me. And as if waiting for a response, I stare hard determined to know.

Is that what Leonardo da Vinci had in mind? Am I to ever know?

The Mona Lisa
Like the Bible; Mona Lisa says for sure she knows a truth while she hides the secrets of her Master.
The Vitruvian Man

In my discovery of an artist: challenged everyone while he challenged himself; motivated, perhaps by secrets that haunt others more than they seemed to have haunted him; a recluse more interested in nature; a man whose quest was to find a formula for ever-lasting life.

In my discovery of art: art and laws intertwine naturally on their own, perhaps comes from the personal challenges of an artist (morals and values and principles) that question the laws of man; it is not the answers that inspire the artist and rather it’s the questions that lead to inspire the observer.

Magnification of person accompanying Jesus at The Last Supper

In my discovery of the book: explores symbols and why the “sacred feminine” became lost; back then it was a time of gods and goddesses, now strictly a time of gods; symbolism was a sign of worship; religion vs. science; even today, we still seek spiritual fulfillment.

Medallion embedded in Louvre Courtyard - one of
135 Prime Meridian markers stretching across Paris

would like to mention the effect the author and this book had...

His knowledge, dedication, time, research, organization, interest and efforts have made me a NEW FAN!

I am more than pleased to have been introduced to The World of Art so new to me by a man…

All the while taking me further every step of the way without getting me lost :)

At the same time, he has greatly captured my curiosity about the “sacred feminine” and what it could mean for the world.

He has reminded me of more than one religion, and even took me back to where it all began to “the devine order of Nature” and encouraged by celebrating how special and unique this world was, is and becomes.

He has touched on my awareness of privacy and rights while led to doors that could possibly open.

He has written powerful messages that share in my hopes and my love for the people of this world.

And last, but not least, all the while he has allowed me to smile and share in my faith :)

An Exciting Read! Thank you to Dan Brown! More than a Mystery Novel…

To those of you who haven't read The Da Vinci Code yet:

  • WOMEN: You’ll love it for its exploration of the sacred feminine and why it may have become lost; once a time of gods and goddesses… now strictly a time of gods.
  • MEN: You’ll love it because it’s about the “sacred feminine” ;)
  • Everyone who loves mystery and non-stop action and puzzles will be turning the pages as quickly as you can read them! Every chapter leaves you wanting to know more…
  • Dan Brown asks: “Would you rather live in a world without religion or a world without science?”

Interesting Materials and Resources for Book Groups and Researchers:

Interior view of inverted pyramid

Read!it, you’ll love it! I describe the feeling as seeing for the very first time in your life…

Buy this book at!




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