Sunday, January 14, 2007

Inspired by the sounds of Cafe del Mar

Writing for another pleasure...

This story below is inspired by the sounds and music of Cafe del Mar.

  • Have you heard of it?
There is no doubt it knows me... it certainly found me. I wrote the story while listening to their CDs for the very first time. I always thought this would be grand material for stage theatre.

If you'd like to know more, you can find their music at

The idea is to play the Volume and Track numbers for each Act and read along.

  • You will need Volumen Siez - Tracks #4 and #12
I wrote a total of six Acts - here there are two. I've not included the final Act--simply to keep it a mystery. I've always loved mysteries :)

  • You MUST put your headphones on if you're playing the songs and have the music LOUD! It MUST be headphones because just to turn your speakers up on your computer is nothing close to intense. These songs are written with an intensity in mind that is shared and captured when you are completely within the world it comes from. You can NOT be completely lost in this particular world if you are not wearing your headphones. SO GET THEM! Find your headphones and plug in--you DON'T want to miss this!
  • You will need about 20 to 30-minutes here. I suggest you get started with a glass of wine or your favorite liquor or coffee :) You're going to need it.
  • Also know, this is written for both men and women--so neither is going to get bored and you may want to call out to your partner to join you here. Yes, really. Really. My last reader said it was "mind blowing!"
  • Try to follow along... listen to the music and read this a few times and you'll catch on.

Note: I had A LOT of fun writing the story for Track #12! It's James Bond 007 style :) The story was so much fun to write that I'm thinking of making it longer, it's still way too short for me.

Have Fun! You can finally begin now...

Cafe Del Mar

Volumen Siez - Track 4

Act 2

"Embraced in Time"

The world is


And Time, as

it was,

is changing.



She is a vision, and

naked in his eye.

Quietly still, behind

a mask of feathers.


Somewhere around her, voices

are chiming...

but she waits

for his whisper...

...for his touch.


Lips red, full

and looking so divine.

Her mind escapes

to this haven...

Strength in cologne, and

a crave to devour

such power.

Sheets cascade down, and

all around her.


Knows nothing of

what's to come,

but senses not a stranger.

And hums a song...

"...caress me,

my soul will be yours,

to encumber night."



Staring from afar, a

dark intensity

extends the room.

Like a seductive flame, flutters

to the dance

of her breath.

And seduction is

all around her...

and is completely taken

by her name.


Her look, it's

in his eyes...

Searches for a heart, she

continually caresses,

for a gentleness she yearns, only

he can give,

and hears only...

her voice whisper his name.


He senses her every secret

desire, and is turned

by her willingness.

By the small of her back,

pulls her to him.

His fantasies about to heighten her

every moment...

and their every moment is their way.


~They Meet~

There they stand alongside

a wall,

sheets of snow silk and

night satin.


Escape in their senses, and

won't ignore...

the sacred burn.


And suddenly... sorcery, the

sheets fly like sparks;

so strange.


Longing for his


she ruffles her back

to his chest.


His arms cascade

around her,


brush her cheeks.

Trace her lips

for a secret kiss.


Hot pleasures, warm

and deep...

in her ear.

Her skin is soft,

sleek, and

he gives in to her

motions burning.


A force caresses her

thigh, and


leads in a cadenza all their own.


Her moans dance with

his every move,

and he buries his face

in this swan.


And both captured, move

with more velocity

in their breathing.


Cologne is so intoxicating...


Swaying herself before


their lips meet...

without touching.


Staring deeply, arms


to lock hands

above their souls,

where a distance

is captured, and

an unspoken power...

she is allowed

to touch,

and prepared to hold.


His eyes hold hers

with a force...

she draws upon.

And for a moment...

they become lost,

in the grace of their bodies rocking.


Nakedness penetrates

their deepest thoughts.


Like a feather, he

teases her lips...

with his own.

Then parts them harder

for a taste...

of more.


His desires release, as

her body shows


uninhibited direction.

An intensity that carries them...

to the edge as one.




in voices...

...all around them now.

Peer outside

the veranda...

where ocean tides dance

along the shores.


And so, they meet.


Cafe Del Mar

Volumen Siez - Track 12

Act 4

"The Secrets of Time"

Not of the heavens,

Or below.

And beneath a canary’s

yellow wing…

You won’t find the

secrets of Time…

it’s not there.


Like that dark,

Double 07 Man

with the gun,

And the ladies...

locked in his hair,

it’s not there.

Only lust can be found.

But still beware!


Wandering, searching


What can be found…

In the depths

of despair…

Unless you’re not there.


Time is…

in the middle of secrets...

...not found.



where is Time now ?

Not here...

nor there.


Time, you naughty


You played a game,

You dare!


Time goes on...

But is it lost?


Anonymous said...

Truly an amazing journey that heightens the senses. Just mind blowing!

My Stereo Magnet Girl said...

Thank you Anonymous,

I enjoyed writing it a lot. I gather you have the collection?

(aka: A Screaming Writer)